Zebra Rolls

Hi there.. once again another unique creation for our selection of Rolls Madness!! We got an order for a Nutella black & white rolls to suite a soccer theme birthday party. Some of my customers call it MJ (Michael Jackson) Rolls.. hehe.. But I think we shall leave MJ to rest in peace and lets call this a Zebra Roll instead! Don’t worry all colourings used are perfectly safe. It is quite a challenge for us to come out with a WHITE batter. But it seems successful on our 1st trial. So enjoy the pic,  begins the drools, go to your inbox and email us straight away for orders!! P.s. you might see from the background the Yellow and Red stripes roll. That is our favourite which we call MANCHESTER UNITED ROLL (I’m a fan by the way!!) It’s just about anything! Let us know your theme 🙂

Price: Minimum order 1 set (consists of 3 rolls) for $30


Marble Nutella Rolls

Another type of nutella rolls that we have in CocoSya. Just different in design with the perfect homemade signature nutella spread.

Price: Minimum order 1 set (consists of 3 rolls) for $30

Marble Nutella Rolls

Snickers Rolls

What a unique roll!  Though I have to caution that THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR DIABETIC PATIENTS. Perfect for those who have sweet-tooth. This roll is a little sweet in taste but the fact that my boys love them, makes this Snickers Roll acceptable to the kids’ taste bud! Within seconds, all wiped out! Great gifts/snacks at children’s party.

Price: $7 each

Snickers Roll

Signature Stripey Nutella Rolls

Don’t be mistaken for the lo0k! No, they are NOT towels 🙂 CocoSya produce the one and only colurful stripey nutella rolls in Singapore!! This is the TOP MOST sellable cakes and these are our Signature. Our nutella spread is homemade. Very rich, NOT SWEET and only high quality chocolates are used. You gonna get hooked and fall in love with the look and taste!

Price: Minimum order 1 set (consists of 3 rolls) for $30.

Signature Stripey Nutella Rolls



Polka-Dot Kaya Rolls

Kaya roll

Strawberry Sugar Dust Rolls

Strawberry Rolls

These mini rolls are individually packed in transparent tubs, ideal as wedding favors and other events such as birthdays, engagements and even corporate door gifts!

Price: Minimum order 15 mini rolls @$3 each

Mini Stripey Rolls